*** We have moved our headquarters to Chile – a country with rich natural and cultural heritage.  Here, we are nearer to the real world of threats to this unique heritage. Here, our work makes a real difference. ***

Nature Heritage is an independent consultancy specializing in environmental conservation and cultural heritage, linking scientific knowledge with society and the corporate world to support long-term and sustainable actions on the ground.

Launched in 2004, we have put together an experienced team with a proven track record in conservation, environmental legislation, cultural research, communications and business. In 2010, we started a joint venture with Funk Productions, who run our communications and marketing strategies programs. We embrace new technologies to offer the best to our clients, in order to protect, safeguard, and restore biological diversity and human culture. We believe that creativity, innovation, team building and strategic partnerships are crucial to achieve our goal.

We are passionate about biodiversity and it’s interaction with human culture. Committed to conserving the diversity and integrity of the life on earth, conservation experts have demonstrated that well planned and well executed conservation can make a difference in a world where biodiversity is disappearing fast. We are proud of the quality of our services, our achievements and the difference we have made for conservation on the ground.

“Conservation is no longer a side-line topic. It is the knowledge we all need to understand and shape the future.” Dr. Stephan M. Funk, Director