We are an independent consultancy specializing in environmental conservation and cultural heritage, linking scientific knowledge with society and the corporate world to support long-term and sustainable actions on the ground.


Launched in 2004, we have put together an experienced team with a proven track record in conservation, environmental legislation, cultural research, communications and business.

We embrace new technologies to offer the best to our clients, in order to protect, safeguard, and restore biological diversity and human culture.

We believe that creativity, innovation, team building and strategic partnerships are crucial to achieve our goal.

The team

Nature Heritage is member of:

    The expert panel of the European Business & Biodiversity Campaign

In 2010, Funk Productions joined us to lead our communications strategy and support our re-branding process. In turn, Funk Productions implemented a new corporate philosophy and added green marketing and social marketing to it´s portfolio.

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Funk Productions is member of:

Biodiversity Media Alliance
Cultural Diversity network