OECD: Pressure on the environment continues to grow

environment-at-a-glance-2013_9789264185715-enThe Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) published it’s 2013 edition of ‘Environment at a Glance’ – a compilation of key environmental indicators.

“Good” news

The report shows progress in some areas such as air pollution, transport and biodiversity protection. Since the 1990s pressure on the environment has generally been at a slower pace than economic growth in OECD economies.

Bad news

Pressure on the environment is still increasing. The reduced pace in increase of pressure is not enough to safeguard our natural resources for the future.

Threats to biodiversity are increasing, particularly from land use change and infrastructure development; many natural ecosystems have been degraded and many animal and plant species in OECD countries are endangered. Threat levels are particularly high in countries with a high population density.


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