Our scientific expertise includes traditional ecology to molecular biology.

We have worked in all sort of climates and lived in very different cultures. From the cold rainforest of the south of Chile -habitat of the Darwin's fox-, the Namibian desert with its jackals and hyenas;  iguanas, lizards  and rare mammals from the tropical rainforest, to carnivores all around Europe; to name some of the projects where our team members have been involved.

Our social sciences expertise goes from ethnographic research to documentary filmmaking, taking advantage of all the new media platforms currently available.

We have been involved with rural communities in the south of Chile and Atacamenians and Aymará people from the north of Chile. We have met the Nama! tribe in Namibia, discovered the taste of old Jersey traditions and lived in the heat of the Caribbean.

There is so much more than a few paragraphs can describe, but there is always so much out there that we still don't know. We are happy to contribute increasing that knowledge and to apply it.


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