We help you in your mission to support cultural heritage and natural heritage - people and nature - long-term and sustainably by providing evidence-based expertise.

We believe that creativity, innovation,  sound data, strategic partnerships and team building are crucial to achieve our goals in environmental and biological conservation.

We embrace new technologies to offer the best to our clients, in order to protect, safeguard, and restore biodiversity and human culture.

We assemble bespoke, experienced teams of subject specialists with proven track records as appropriate for each project.

Nature Heritage was co-launched in 2004 as an environmental consultancy by Dr Stephan M Funk FRSB and Daniela Rusowsky F. (now director of the audio-visual company Puerto Almendral in Valparaiso, Chile) and is led since 2018 by Stephan.

Dedicated to the not-for-profit approach

As a consultancy, we are not generating any profit.
We believe in living wages for our project collaborators, partners and staff.
Therefore, we can offer competitive prices for any project.

Get actively involved in conservation: learn, sponsor  or volunteer

Get training & coaching

Conservation is not about remote and fancy projects, it is about all of us. You can contribute by providing an environmental training course for your members of staff or by getting personally  tailored environmental awareness coaching sessions. From a single masterclass to an intensive course, everybody has something to learn to actively make a change to build a better future.


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The conservation work could not be achieved without the support of thousands of volunteers from all around the world. Citizen science is now a vital contributor to research and applied conservation. If you are willing to participate in a conservation organisation, come and join us in our mission.

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Collaborate or join the team

Today, co-operation and strategic partnerships are essential for efficient and effective work. We believe in win-win. We have successfully collaborated with many institutions and experts in their fields.

If you like to collaborate or join our team, we are more than happy to discuss avenues forward. Please contact us and and join us in our mission.

Strategic alliances with other consultancies

Nature Heritage forms strategic alliances with other consultancies. In today's environmental and economic situation, alliances are powerful to harness complementary expertise and services.

Our strategic alliances

Our inspiration

We always respect, consider and incorporate the local ecological environment and cultural heritage as fundamental pillars of our work.

Our inspirations