Ecoregion TopSpots: The Conservation Mona Lisas

Ecoregions are geographic regions of the world that indicate the distribution of ecosystems and plant and animal communities. See:

Ecoregion TopSpots are the most important areas for conservation containing the most unique and the most vulnerable ecoregions of the world. We published two papers on the prioritisation of ecoregions:

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Our innovative high-level investigation has identified a new world map, that will allow conservation organisations to join forces and work together on protecting crucial natural areas of the world.

The map displays the congruence of the 100 highest ranking ecoregions of each prioritisation scheme

    • Yellow: endemism only
    • Orange: ∂-endemism only
    • Turquoise: richness only
    • Light, medium or dark purple: two, three or all metrics, respectively
    • Smaller islands with Ecoregion TopSpots are marked by circles coloured as above
How did we identify these areas?
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