Our interdisciplinary toolbox in research and capacity building

We strongly believe in collaborative, interdisciplinary and holistic approaches. Our toolbox includes a broad range if technical and scientific skills

Field & Laboratory work

ecological field work
molecular genetics
and molecular ecology

ethnographic research

Data analysis, project management & publishing

data analysis including statistics and GIS
project management from grant application to reporting
publishing in peer-reviewed journals and reporting

Training & advising

training and capacity building
one-to-one coaching and mentoring
advising for environmental issues and conservation


Our services overlap with the services offered by many colleagues and other national and international consultancies in the field. Over the last years, we have focussed on teaching and capacity building, and on data analysis, reporting and publishing. We are proud of these unique selling points, UPS, as they set us apart.

Data analysis, reporting and publishing

Many institutions, whether government departments, companies, research institutes or NGOs, have collected enormous amounts of data supporting conservation. Often, these data are shelved and never published.  We help them to analyse these data and publish them, thus making these vital data available for the benefit of the conservation community.


Collaborative, interdisciplinary and holistic research

Our core team builds strong, interdisciplinary teams for each task at hand. We harness expertise and experience of specialist experts whenever a project needs it.

Our publication record speaks for itself.


Coaching, training, teaching and capacity building

We must engage all sectors of society to change global development and achieve conservation of biological and cultural diversity. High quality training is the entrance ticket to a professional future and to provide effective and efficient conservation action. We provide providing personalised, bespoke coaching, training, teaching and capacity building for academics and non-academics at all levels.

Why working with us?

Conservation is not only for scientists or a lifestyle choice for those who can afford it …

… it is the responsibility of every single human being.


Successful biodiversity conservation needs passionate and competent teams of experts.

Our expertise in natural sciences is broad ranging from ecology to molecular genetics. Our track record, as evidenced by our publications and books, speaks for itself.

Our social sciences expertise goes from ethnographic research to documentary filmmaking, taking advantage of all the new media platforms currently available.


We assemble bespoke, experienced teams of subject specialists with proven track records as appropriate for each project.


Because Nature Heritage does not generate any company profits as  a consultancy, we can offer competitive prices which include cost for field or lab work and salaries.


We have worked in all sort of climates and lived in very different cultures. From the cold rainforest of the south of Chile, the Namibian desert, the mountains of China, the tropical rainforests of Africa to the Caribbean to name some of the projects where our team members have been involved.

    • Africa (Cameroon, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Madagascar, Mauritius, Namibia, Nigeria, Republic of the Congo)
    • Asia (China)
    • Europe (Croatia, Germany, UK)
    • South America and the Caribbean (Chile, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Saint Lucia)

Our core team around Stephan (director) and Julia (associate) have each more than 30 years of experience in different working environment, including

EXPERIENCE: capacity building

We have extensively coaches, taught and tutored

    • university graduate and post-graduate students and post-docs as numerous universities,
    • non-academic staff of government institutions, companies and NGOs,
    • conservation professionals,
    • business professionals.

Julia established and was the director of Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust's International Training Centre which specialised in training conservation professionals from around the world either in Jersey or on location.


Nature Heritage not only manages large complex projects but we can fulfil specialised tasks for academic, governmental and non-governmental organisations and other consultancies. For example, we can analyse data and prepare reports and publications collected by other organisations who lack the time or capacity for these tasks.