Why working with us

Conservation is not only for scientists or a lifestyle choice for those who can afford it…

… it is the responsibility of every single human being.


Successful biodiversity conservation needs passionate and competent teams of experts. We offer comprehensive and services for the conservation of biodiversity and species, which - uniquely - reaches from conservation biology to human culture.

Nature Heritage provides of a transparent service, where you can be sure how the resources are being spend and how you –as a company or private sponsor- can contribute to conservation. A detailed contract and a final report is being given under strict confidentiality to our clients.

We provide stratified budgets and different options to get involved with conservation in action, from training your company staff to supporting scientific research or contributing to put into practice environmental awareness campaigns.

During the economic crisis, many organisations were forced to cut on staff and several overseas projects have been closed. A good way to save years of research and conservation management is to outsource these projects to independent consultants.

Nature Heritage specifies for each project and contract, how the resources are being spend, what you can expect and how long it will take. You can be sure which resources are spend for conservation on the ground, which for labour and which for overheads. You can be sure that your funds are actually helping to make a difference for the conservation of endangered species and the protection of our environment.

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We will then invite you to take a look to our services and to contact us for more detailed information.